Help! I’ve Created A Monster… Set of 2


Women's Sizes

How to measure

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as per the pic below:

842.5 - 44.5
1044.5 - 47
1247 - 49.5
1449.5 - 52
1652 - 54.5
1854.5 - 57
2057 - 59.5

Help! I’ve Created a Monster Set

This is for the set of 2, available with Mens or Ladies tshirt in Black and Baby bodysuit (sizes 0000-0) or Tshirt (sizes 1-16) in White, please select sizing for each below – if ordering Mens sizing, please select N/A in the Ladies sizing field, and the same if ordering Ladies sizing please select N/A in the Mens sizing field.


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